Saturday, September 29, 2007




Has it really been that long?
Wow, have I been lazy.

Let’s jump right back in by discussing the …. I mean this …
*sigh* I’m stuck again.

I was going to do something about the Ontario Provincial Election, but I discovered I could sum that up like this:

Dalton McGinty – Liberals – Liar.
John Tory – Conservative – Idiot.
Howard Hampton – NDP – Ummmmmmmm … he’s kinda …… hmmmmmm
Some Guy – Green Party – Kinda reminds me of Anthony Stewart Head without the look of intellect behind his eyes.
Other groups – Deluded.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, because I can’t. I don’t like anyone here and am dreading election day.

Oh yeah, we’re having a referendum also. I highly encourage you all to vote “Maybe” and see those guy’s at City TV work their way through that.

Then I was thinking of doing something on Britney Spears, but I think I have to get drunk for that one.

And then I figured I may be able to do something on the latest science on global warming, but it’s almost October and still 20 degrees outside. Damn.

But I have it. Something we all can agree on.

I’ll take Betty over Veronica any day.
Mary Anne over Ginger.
Bailey over Jennifer.
Willow over Buffy.
Lily over Robin.
The second Becky over the first Becky.
Betty over Wilma.

There. I said it and it’s out there. Take it as your will.

Next post: The gospel according to “How I met your mother.”

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