Tuesday, August 01, 2006


An Inconvenient Way To Make Money.

An Inconvenient Way To Make Money.

Global warming has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to former American Vice President Al Gore and his movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”
To say this movie has stirred up debate is an understatement.  People from both sides of the political spectrum have come out swinging.  Unfortunately the arguments have been predictable.  Left wingers say global warming is a fact while right wingers say global warming is a myth.
And Al Gore, well this message on global calamity has gotten his face on TV, newspapers and on the cover of countless magazines.
I’m not here to tell you the “truth” about global warming, mainly because I don’t know.  But being who I am I thought I’d look at this matter from a different way.  Instead of looking at the message, I thought I’d look at the messenger.
We all know who Al Gore is.  He is a left wing politician and because of that he kinda has to believe in global warming.  But there is something else about Al Gore and this global warming thing I don’t much care for.
You see since Al Gore has been out of political life he has begun giving lectures, mostly on global warming.  For those lectures he gets paid very well.
Now, with this movie his profile gets bigger, and it keeps getting bigger with each magazine his face appears on, and for each public personality that stands up and supports Al Gore his profile gets even bigger.
So what does this mean for Al Gore?  Higher lecture fees.  In other words, thanks to global warming Al Gore is profiting.
Do you see?  It doesn’t matter if Al Gore believes in his message or not, that message is now high profile and making him a lot of money.  
So now the question is, can we trust Al Gore?
I say no.  Al Gore cannot be trusted to tell the “truth” (whatever that may be) about Global Warming as long as he is making money at it.
There, I said it and I’m not taking it back.

The thing about global warming that bothers me is science.  No, not THE science, just science in general, or how people depend on science.
It is believed that science gives definite answers.  It does not; it just gives the best answers that it has right now.  
Science and the results thereof, changes all the time.  Once upon a time it was believed that black holes were rare, now science tells us that not only are they plentiful but there may actually be one in our own galaxy.  Science changed the result.
Now don’t think I’m bashing science or scientists, I’m not.  Without them we wouldn’t understand the world around us, but science doesn’t just stop at a single result.
“Hey, this telescope shows that Mars is red, well I guess that’s all we need to know.”
Scientists, god bless ‘em, aren’t happy with just knowing one thing, they keep pushing and pushing until they discover something else, sometimes giving us a new perspective and sometimes changing the very fabric of our existence.
So what does this have to do with global warming?  Well, what science tells us today about the Earth’s temperature may be different than what science tells us tomorrow.  Why?  Because science changes.
Remember, in the 70’s we were headed into a new ice age, now science tells us we’re in global warming.  Who knows what science will tell us tomorrow.

Next post:  What science tells us about breasts today may mean bigger breasts tomorrow.  God bless science.

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