Sunday, November 20, 2005


Let It Snow.

I don’t know what it is about snow that makes drivers become absolute idiots, but it happens.
Earlier this week we in the Southern Ontario region had our first snowfall, and suddenly everyone started driving like freakin’ idiots.  It was almost as if the snow took away their memories or something.
I imagine it goes like this:
“Dum de dum, I’m driving my car and it’s a good day and I’m speeding a little but not too much and … wait, what’s this?  A white, fluffy substance falling from the sky.  Dear God, what am I doing?  What is this box like thingy I am in and what does this wheel thing my hands are on do?  Hey, there are pedals, I obviously am meant to push one, but which one?  I’ll try the one on the left.  Hey, I’m slowing down, good.  Now I can try and avoid the white fluffy stuff by swerving a lot.”
Canada gets snow every year, and yet every year people react to it as if it’s a new experience.  
It must have something to do with the beer.

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