Sunday, January 22, 2006


The Election

The Election

As many of you may know, tomorrow we Canadians vote in a Federal Election. While I don’t like to count chickens before they hatch, it looks as if the Conservative Party will at least get a minority government, followed by the Liberals, the Bloq, the NDP and the rest. (I’m talking about YOU Green party!)

Now while I am never one to tell another human how they should feel or vote at these times, I’ve got an interesting point of view I thought I would pass along. You may do with it as you wish.

You see, the Liberal Party was voted into power in 1993, and held a Majority until about eighteen months ago when Paul Martin went into his first election as leader.
That is thirteen years of Liberal rule.
That’s enough.

Really, it’s just enough.

I’m not going to talk about scandals, or social programs, or who can marry who and why. It’s not my place to convince you to vote for whomever.
But they have had enough time.
Thirteen years is far too long for any one party to be in charge.

It’s just enough.
Time to move on.

Now let’s say the polls are right and we get a Conservative Minority. Fine, the people, as it were, have spoken. Now let’s say in, oh I don’t know, eighteen months the Conservative Government is toppled and a new election is called.
Let us say at the outcome of that election, the Liberals are back in power.
So be it!
Again, the people (as it were) have spoken.
At least then they will have had a break. At least then they will have a good reminder that even they, the self proclaimed “Canada’s natural ruling party” could be knocked down a peg.
It may humble them. (Although I doubt it.)

But that is a hypothetical then, this is a realistic now.
It’s time to move on. It’s time to let someone else drive for a change.
Thirteen years is far, far too long.

Fear & Loathing In Canada

And again the Liberals cry.
“They have a hidden agenda!”

Of course they are. They are a political party. All political parties have hidden agenda’s. If thirteen years of Liberal rule have taught us anything it should be that.
But what is the Conservative agenda?

I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what it isn’t.
It isn’t the end of Gay marriage.
It isn’t the end to abortions.
It isn’t the end to Canada’s so called social safety net.

How do I know?
Simple, because if they tried the Supreme Court would bitch slap them so hard their heads would spin.

The Supreme Court has ruled on Gay marriage. It’s in. If Harper and the Conservatives try anything the Court will rule again, and it’ll be back in. Same goes with abortion and pretty much anything else the Court thinks it should rule on.
Harper knows this. He isn’t stupid. His idea on having a free vote on abortion is a symbolic gesture and, in the end, meaningless. The Court has ruled! The end!

“Wait!” I hear you cry, “Harper can use the Notwithstanding clause.”
Yeah, right. Like he would.
The notwhistanding clause (Is that how you spell it? I don’t know?) was about the only thing about Canada’s constitution that Trudeau got right. It is in there to be a tool, as a last ditch effort.
Ok, what I am saying is that the clause was put in there to screw with Quebec. They try to separate; the Prime Minister invokes the clause, and boom Quebec stays. Using it for anything less than that is political suicide.
Harper knows this. He’s not stupid.

So sit back and relax. The only thing Harper’s going to do is appoint crony’s to plum political posts and throw money at companies that supported him.
In other words, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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